Friday, 30 July 2010

ACE by name, ACE by nature

As previously blogged, vitamins are important raw materials in natural skin care products – we need vitamins in our diet to help keep our bodies, skin & bones healthy. Used in skincare, Vitamins A, C and E help keep our skin looking and feeling radiant, healthy and young.

Any natural skin care products that contain Vitamins A, C & E combined enjoy a synergistic effect - which means that when the three vitamins are combined, their effectiveness is increased. The combination of these natural and organic ingredients is more powerful and efficient than when they are used in isolation – basically, the presence of one enhances the effect of the others.

These ACE vitamins are all powerful antioxidants – meaning that they help fight “free radicals” – the things that harm our skin, that cause wrinkles and generally damage our skin leaving it looking older than it should. Anti-oxidants can help fight this damage and combat the signs of ageing.

Vitamin A is one ingredient that is claimed to actually reverse the signs of ageing. It has traditionally been used as a treatment for acne and it is also good for treating dry, scaly skin. It’s very potent and should not be used or taken in high doses. Medical experts suggest that Vitamin A should also be avoided by pregnant women as it is absorbed into the blood stream and high levels can be dangerous to the unborn foetus.

Vitamin C is essential for forming and producing Collagen. Collagen is a natural component of our skin and we need healthy levels of Collagen and Elastin to help keep our skin supple, plump and smooth. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that fights skin-harming free radicals. Free radicals are generated in cells and tissues by things like sunlight and tobacco smoke and they damage our skin – causing it to look older and age prematurely. Free radicals deplete the levels of vitamin C in our skin (and in turn, can reduce naturally occurring Collagen) so when we apply Vitamin C to our skin through face creams and other natural skincare products, it can give us a boost of skin protecting anti-oxidants.

Unlike Vitamin A, Vitamin E can be used in high doses. The only issue is that it’s a very thick and sticky oil so it needs to be blended carefully with oils that are quickly absorbed by the skin. When used in high doses, Vitamin E really helps to improve the condition and appearance of our skin and it acts a bit like a gentle skin peeling agent as it increases the rate at which healthy new skin cells are produced.

The younger we are and the healthier we are, the faster healthy new skin cells are produced (which is why younger skin looks fresher, radiant, smoother, plumper and generally healthier). So watch out for products that contain Vitamin E (especially at high levels) as it gives us a helping hand by ridding our skin of old, dry skin cells and replacing them with youthful new cells.

You will find Natural Vitamin E in most of my natural and organic skincare products and my two natural face oils, Repair & Renew and Balanced & Beautiful and my nourishing Night Balm – Rest & Regenerate all contain high levels and can really help regenerate new skin cells.

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