Friday, 30 July 2010

ACE by name, ACE by nature

As previously blogged, vitamins are important raw materials in natural skin care products – we need vitamins in our diet to help keep our bodies, skin & bones healthy. Used in skincare, Vitamins A, C and E help keep our skin looking and feeling radiant, healthy and young.

Any natural skin care products that contain Vitamins A, C & E combined enjoy a synergistic effect - which means that when the three vitamins are combined, their effectiveness is increased. The combination of these natural and organic ingredients is more powerful and efficient than when they are used in isolation – basically, the presence of one enhances the effect of the others.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Don't Pop Pills - Feed Your Skin!

Vitamin tablets have graced the shelves of our bathroom cabinets for decades. We all know the benefits of eating a varied diet rich in fruit and vegetables that are packed full of vital vitamins & minerals.

These same vitamins are also important raw materials that are found in natural and organic skin care products and they can really help improve the way our skin looks and feels. By choosing natural skincare products that are rich in vitamins & minerals we can help keep our skin looking healthy, radiant and this can help delay the signs of ageing.