Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Brush, Buff & Butter Up Your Beautiful Body

When it comes to good natural skin care routines, we always tend to focus on our faces. But it is also good to spend a bit of time getting the very best out of your beautiful body - naturally, of course. 

For a lot of the year we tend to cover up our lovely legs, sexy shoulders, boobs, bums and tums – in fact, as much of our body as is possible! But it really is very easy to keep your body not only glowing, but gleaming and totally glamorous by following these simple body beautiful tips…

1. Brush Up for a Body Boost

It’s not just our hair that benefits for daily brushing – our bodies love it too. Spend a few minutes every day and your body will be forever thankful – it will quickly become part of your daily routine. Brushing gives your body a circulation boost – it encourages detoxification so can be useful in combating cellulite. There are one or two easy rules when it comes to body brushing… 
  • Always use upward strokes. From the bottom of your body brush towards your heart; and brush your arms upwards towards your shoulders. 
  • Get yourself a proper Body Brush – it should be firm but not so firm that it scratches your skin – test it on the back of your hand.
  • Brush your skin when it’s dry – I body brush in the morning before I jump in the shower – I find it invigorating and my body doesn’t feel quite right without my body brushing blast!
2. Buff Up for Smooth Skin

A good buffing natural body scrub helps leave your skin soft and smooth – it helps get rid of bumps on the top of your arms; it removes dead, dull skin cells and leaves your skin with a healthy glow. Look for scrubs that contain natural a combination of exfoliating ingredients such as sugar or Sea Salt with softening and soothing Vegetable Oils like Rice Bran & Avocado.

Essential Oils in your natural skin care products can help tone the body, improve circulation and eliminate toxins – look out for products that contain essential oils like Grapefruit, Fennel, Ginger and Black Pepper. Spice of Life Body Buffing Scrub is a perfect example of such a scrub.

3. Butter Up for Silky Soft Sexy Limbs

Sometimes our body’s need a little more than a lotion to hydrate our parched skin. A body butter or a rich body butter cream can work wonders to transform our limbs from flakey, scaly snake-like skin to silky smooth velvet. I turn to an ultra hydrating body butter cream when my skin is feeling particularly thirsty or I’m looking for that ultra smooth and velvety finish to show off my pins. Look for products that contain Shea, Cocoa, Mango or Avocado Butters – or preferably a combination of these rich and luxurious ingredients.

Body Butter Creams and Natural Body Butters tend to be more nourishing and healing than standard body lotions. Shea Butter is a great moisturiser but it does so much more – it can help heal a range of skin irritations and complaints – from itchy rashes through to helping prevent and improving stretch marks! In fact in West Africa where the tree originates from, Shea Butter is traditional slathered onto pregnant bellies to help prevent stretch marks. Cocoa Butter acts as a barrier to prevent moisture loss and is also good for softening rough skin patches.

I make a wonderfully rich and unctuous Body Butter Cream using the same toning and invigorating blend of essential oils that is in the other products from the Spice of Life range. I love using a luxury natural Body Butter Cream when I come out of the bath or shower and my body is warm and ready to receive these nourishing, healing and hydrating natural and organic raw materials.

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