Tuesday, 24 August 2010

For the Best Natural Skin Care - Clean Up Your Act

When it comes to cleansing it isn’t a question of one size fits all – we should select our natural cleansers based on our skin type and condition and also the time of year.

Facial cleansing is one natural skin care routine that we should all – and I mean everyone – take care over. After all, what is the point in slathering our faces with lotions and potions aimed at healing, repairing, rejuvenating and keeping our skin in tip top condition – if we put them on dirty skin?

If your skin feels dry, parched, dehydrated, looks decidedly lack-lustre – or if you wear foundation and make-up - then opt for a rich, cleansing balm that will thoroughly cleanse your skin of daily dirt and remove make-up. A cleansing balm will both clean your skin and it will also leave it feeling super silky soft and give you a healthy glow.

Clean Sweep is my natural and organic luxury cleansing balm – I call it luxury because it contains some super special ingredients and when you use it, your skin feels like it’s had a really luxurious facial treatment! It also smells divine thanks to the pure essential oils of Chamomile, Lemon, Cypress and Eucalyptus. The product is very rich so you only need a small amount and because it contains lots of skin loving oils, it is important to wash the balm off with a cleansing cloth; preferably a muslin cloth as this acts as a gentle exfoliator, helping to rid your skin of dead, dull skin.

If you prefer a facial wash make sure you avoid products with skin-stripping alcohol and harsh detergents like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and never, ever use soap. These ingredients can irritate our skin, strip it of its natural oils and leave it with that horribly tight feeling. Instead look for natural facial washes that are kind and gentle and can be used by all skin types. Look out for natural skin care products that contain Jojoba oil or Castor oil – when used in cleansers, these oils bind with the dirt and removes it.

Sweet Cheeks is a mild and gentle face wash that is gentle enough to be used twice a day – in the morning and at night. I find that Men prefer using a facial wash to any other kind of cleanser – after all it can be used in the shower so it’s a very convenient cleanser when time really is tight. It contains Papaya extract which helps balance our skin – it stabilizes oily sections and exfoliates dry patches.

Sweet Cheeks will remove daily dirt and grime and will even remove foundation but it will not remove eye make-up and mascara. As the skin is so delicate around our eyes, I would recommend using an oil based cleanser as you can gently wipe away your make-up without dragging or pulling the skin around your eyes. You also need to use oils that are soft and gentle that won’t irritate your skin – even if it’s on the sensitive side.

Clean Sweep is good but if your skin is oilier or perhaps in the summer when you’re looking for something lighter, go for something like I Can See Clearly Now. It’s very gentle but so effective – it will even remove water proof mascara. Although I call it an eye make-up remover it can be used as an all over facial cleanser. It happens to also smell wonderful and thanks to the organic Argan oil it is also nourishing and will help keep the area around your eyes soft and supple.

It really doesn’t take an age to keep your skin clean – but a good cleansing routine will really improve the look and feel of your skin – clean skin looks healthier, radiant and more youthful.

So a few minutes cleaning a day will really help keep the signs of ageing at bay!

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