Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Everything's Cool and Everything's Smooth...

The winter is truly upon us, with minus temperatures out there and heating full on inside, it can play havoc with your organic skincare routine.

Whether your skin is chapped, sore from shaving, red and inflamed or just super sensitive, here are three natural and organic soothing raw materials that will help calm your skin.
Super Seabuckthorn...

The latin name for this amazing natural raw material is Hippophae rhamnoides so look out for this name in the list of ingredients!

The berries of Sea Buckthorn are a vivid Orange colour and the oil extract often gives natural skincare products a wonderful orange colour – but don’t worry, it won’t make you look like you’ve just been tangoed! The berries are natural source of Vitamins A, C & E (which are important for good health and good skincare) and are high in essential fatty acids (another vital component for good, healthy skin).

So what is so special about Sea Buckthorn?  Well for starters it’s an incredibly versatile natural raw material and has so many benefits for our skin.  It’s a bit like a super-food equivalent for your face! So where to start with the benefits?

It is healing, repairing, calming, rejuvenating and protecting. It is high in anti-oxidants which means that it protects your skin against harmful elements founds in our environment (pollution, smoke, UV rays etc).  It can heal skin from rashes, sores and burns.  It calms red, inflamed and irritated skin.  It can help rejuvenate the skin and protect it from further damage which can lead to ageing.   It’s a wonderful natural raw material that I use in Save our Skin soothing & calming after-shave serum and it will play a starring role in my natural and organic after-sun balm that is currently in development.

Calming Calendula...
Calendula comes from the marvellous Marigold.  It comes in many guises – an oil, an essential oil, a tincture, infusion & floral water and it really is one of nature’s calmers.  It soothes inflamed, red skin and can really help calm rashes – which makes it particularly useful in natural shaving and after-shave products like Save Our Skin.  It can also help heal broken, cracked and chapped skin – which is why it features in my natural hand cream, In Safe Hands.

Cooling Chamomile...
Chamomile is one of the best known natural raw materials.  It’s soothing and calming (which is why Chamomile tea is recommended as a night time tea) but it’s also cooling and an anti-inflammatory.  Like Calendula, it comes in many guises – essential oils, infusions, extracts and floral waters.  A derivative of Chamomile, Bisabolol is an anti-irritant and an anti-inflammatory and is often used to speed up the healing process in skincare.  Due to its soothing and calming properties it’s ideal for sensitive skin and skin that is inflamed, sore or easily irritated which is why I use it in Save Our Skin soothing after-shave serum as it really helps calm the skin.

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