Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Resolve Yourself To A Natural Skin Care Regime

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new year and your skin is feeling good!

Well it would be if you were to follow a few simple organic skin care resolutions, that should stand you -and your beautiful skin - in good stead for the rest of 2011 and beyond....

1. Never Go To Bed With MAKE-UP on!
We all know it but let’s be honest, most of us have done this at some time (you know that feeling when you’re just too tired to be bothered – all you want is to climb into bed and close your eyes) well in 2011 fight this urge and make a resolution not to.

I know you’re probably wondering if it can really do that much harm - well the answer to that is simple: Yes it can. In my book it’s the number one skin sin. It’s at night whilst we’re resting our bodies, minds & souls that our skin can also really take some essential time to rest & regenerate. But in order to do so properly it needs a natural skincare regime that thoroughly cleans of the day’s dirt, grime & pollution as well as removed of all make-up. Cleansing your skin and applying a nourishing skin treat before bed really should be top of your skin resolutions in 2011.

2. Keep Hydrated inside and out…
We can do this by drinking plenty of water, unsweetened juice and fruit teas and cutting back on alcohol, caffeine, sugary drinks and drinks that use artificial sweeteners. Keep your skin hydrated by using serums, natural face oils & creams that use natural and organic raw materials and ingredients.

Look for natural skin care products that use Hyaluronic Acid – this acts like a sponge and really helps keep your skin hydrated – and it can help it look plumper and give it the volume associated with younger skin.

3. Don’t crash diet...
Okay so we may all be guilty of a little over indulgence over the festive period and our waistbands might be feeling the pinch but crash dieting isn’t the answer. Not only can crash dieting play havoc with our metabolic rates but it can also play havoc with our skin.

Not eating properly can result in all sorts of skin problems – spots, breakouts, flaky, dull and lack-lustre complexions to name but a few. But also crash dieting can make the skin (particularly on our face) lose its youthful volume and skin can sag, resulting in skin that looks haggered and older than its true age.

Daily exercise combined with sensible eating with plenty of fresh fruit & vegetables, pulses, nuts, lean protein, healthy unsaturated fats including foods high in Omega 3 & 6 can do wonders for our radiance as well as our waists.

4. Keep things natural…
As a nation we are taking more interest and care over our diet as we now become more aware of the benefits of healthy eating. We are getting used to reading food labels – avoiding trans-fatty acids, saturated fat, too much salt, artificial flavours & colours and avoiding foods with too many chemicals. Equally people are becoming more aware of the products they use on their skin and there are now more natural and organic skincare options available that deliver on results.

The best natural and organic skincare brands use active natural and organic raw materials that can really help fight the signs of ageing and keep our skin looking younger, smoother, healthier and radiant and natural skincare products avoid synthetic and chemically produced raw materials that can often irritate our skin. Look for natural skincare products that are free from Parabens, harsh detergents like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Petrochemicals (found in a lot of skincare ranges), synthetic perfume & colour and look for natural alternatives – like my range!

The Angela Langford range uses natural and organic active raw materials and plenty of them. The other bonus is that my range is cruelty free – none of the products are tested on animals and they are also all suitable for vegetarians.

Angela x

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