Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Five Reasons To Keep The Faith This Feb

So it is February already and whilst you might have had high hopes to improve your organic skincare routine and New Year resolutions in general - let's face it... we all need a bit of help in keeping our promises.

So rather than beat yourself up about why you have raided the chocolate drawer again, or helped yourself to that extra glass of red, check out five top tips to help get your healthy lifestyle back on track!

1. Sleep...
I love my sleep - I really do. But sometimes whether it is work, play or watching that late night movie, you become deprived of sleep to the point your body starts to scream at you! Sleep is essential for mental well being and keeping your body in physical shape - so start your evening natural skin care routine that little bit earlier each night and try to get some shut eye!

2. Cut down on the booze...
Lots of us love to have a glass of wine with a meal, or go out with friends and wind down with a well deserved drink. But cutting back on the booze will not only reduce your calorie intake, it will also help your body recover and rest that little bit better.

3. You are what you eat...
Old Gillian Mac may have had a tough time in the jungle towards the end of 2010, but her adage remains true to this day. As with your natural skin care products, you should look to increase your intake of Omega oils, as well as drinking plenty of water.

4. Exercise...
That tired sluggish feeling that we all get from time to time may be due to a lot of things, but the last thing you want to do is go to the gym or out for a brisk walk, right? Some experts say that this is exactly the time you should go, as exercise is not only great for your body, it envigorates your mind and with a bit of time, helps combat the tiredness that is stopping you go in the first place.

5. Choosing the right organic beauty products...
You've sorted your insides, you've got back on to the treadmill and you get to bed earlier - but to complete the set you need to look after your skin. A good daily skin care routine, using organic creams and natural face serums will help your skin get back to it's best. Always read the label and go for organic products like those from my Angela Langford range, that contain no parabens, petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances.

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