Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Brightening Your Skin on a Bright Spring Day

It feels like Spring has finally sprung, with new life apparent all around. So if your skin has that wintery, lack-lustre look about it, it’s time to brush up your organic skin care regime and bring back radiance with some gentle but effective exfoliation.

Facial exfoliation, using natural exfoliators can really help restore your skin’s natural radiance. It helps slough off dead, dull skin – including dry and flaky patches that you might be prone to especially in Winter and it can also speed up the renewal of healthy, brighter, new skin cells. Radiance is restored and you’ll be left with a gorgeous glow about you.

Here are three radiance restoring exfoliation tips...

1. Gently Does It…
It’s important not to use harsh exfoliators – as these can damage your skin. A lot of people think that natural scrubs need to be quite rough and hard. Whilst crushed ground nut shells are great for using on your body, they can be a bit too harsh for your face. Instead look for natural ingredients such as Jojoba Peeling grains, as these are rounded and smooth so they won’t irritate your skin. 

2. Fruit is Fab…
It’s tasty, full of vitamins and we all know it should be part of our five a day. Fruit is also fab for our faces too! Look out for natural skincare products that contain Natural Fruit Acids – also known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHA’s. These fruit acids break down dead and dull skin cells and increase the rate of cell renewal – skin will look softer and smoother and more even. Papaya extract is another brilliant fruit bowl addition – it helps balance oily skin and exfoliates dry skin. Look for natural skincare products that contain Papaya (listed as Carica Papaya on the ingredients list).

3. Slough off whilst you sleep…
Natural Vitamin E is one of nature’s anti-oxidants. Oxidisation can cause damage and signs of ageing to our skin so it’s important to counteract this damage by using anti-oxidants in our natural skincare routines like natural Vitamin E. Now when you use natural Vitamin E in high doses, it acts a little bit like a peeling or exfoliating agent as it speeds up the renewal of healthy new skin cells and boosts radiance. Look for organic skincare products that contain high levels of natural Vitamin E and when you use them over night, you’ll find your skin is more radiant and brighter in the morning.

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