Thursday, 19 May 2011

Oily Skin? Stay Balanced and Beautiful...

When you have oily skin there’s always a tendency to select oil-free harsh organic skincare products that can strip your skin of its oiliness. Conversely, this can actually just make the oiliness even worse.

So here are my three top tips for treating the oiliness and bringing some balance to your complexion.

Gently Does It!

Using harsh cleansing products just tricks your skin into a false sense of security. Stripping your skin of its natural oils in the hope it will stop your skin producing excess oil just doesn’t work – it can be counter- productive and makes your skin panic and it just produces even more oil –so the oiliness will never go away. Harsh products can also irritate your skin too!

The solution is to use mild and gentle natural skincare products that will help balance your skin and control the oiliness without stripping it. Avoid cleansers and toners that contain alcohol and don’t automatically select oil free cleansers. Natural cleansers that contain Organic Jojoba Oil are great – Jojoba oil can help unclog pores and it binds with the dirt and grime leaving your pores clean but not stripped!

Make Friends with Oil!

Oil is not oily skin’s enemy – on the contrary natural and organic face oils can actually be your oily skin’s best friend. The trick is to use natural skin care products that contain the “right” oils. So what are the right the oils and which ones should you avoid? In a nutshell look out for oils that are thinner and are absorbed quickly into your skin.

Five of my favourite organic and natural oils that balance oiliness are...
  1. Thistle
  2. Rosehip
  3. Chia Seed
  4. Kiwi Seed
  5. Evening Primrose
As well as balancing they also contain anti-ageing & rejuvenating properties so can help keep the signs of ageing at bay – what a bonus! Heavier, richer oils tend to be better for treating drier skins – and very thick Organic oils & vegetable fats like Organic Macadamia & Organic Shea Butter should be avoided if you have oily skin.

If you use the right kind of organic and natural face oils every day you’ll find that your skin will become more balanced. You won’t find your skin gets oilier nor will it feel greasy or bring you out in spots. On the contrary products like Balanced & Beautiful can help balance your skin, help keep away the signs of ageing and bring radiance to your skin.

For best results, use a natural and organic face oil in conjunction with a natural specialist skin serum and face oils are generally great for using during the day and at night. Try something like Balanced & Beautiful and prepare to be amazed by the results of beautifully balanced , radiant skin.

Use Naturally Balancing Actives

There’s a little known Alpine Plant extract called Epilobium Fleischeriwhich contains high levels of a tannin called Oenethin B – this is a very useful naturally active raw material that helps to regulate sebum production in human skin, reducing the size of pores and balancing oily looking skin. I use this alpine plant extract in my natural face product Balancing Act which is a lovely lightweight daily moisturiser that is perfect for balancing oily and combination skin types – whilst keeping the signs of ageing away.

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